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Rubber grips
For mounting new rubber grips at the handlebar there are following ( inflammable) solutions:
Fill the new rubber grips with some denatured alcohol or gasoline,close the end of the grips and shake them for an good distribute to the liquid.
Now,the grips could be pushed on the (cleaned) handlebar very easy.
The liquid evaporates after minutes and the grips are tight.

Also for this job I advise not to smoke or make an open fire.

Should the grips are twisting then do following,please:
Make the handlebar free of grease and spray the grips aplenty with Hairspray.
After pushing the grips on the handlebar , you only have to wait overnight and the grips are tight.

For removing the grips any time again,use an heating pistol or an hair drier for warming them.
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Use colourless shoe-cream for make Chrom-cover resistance against influences of the weather.
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A mostly neglected problem is the connection for vanadium-screws into aluminium-thread (e.g.:enginecover).
These connections are made the danger for "tight bake" the screws,which could damage in the worst case the thread by releasing the screws.

For this there`s a simply help:

Graphite avoid this problem.
Before mounting the screws,put on some graphite on the thread flanks.
Simply take a pencil and draw
lines through the thread flanks.

Don`t buy any screws without a indication about the tensile strength.
Do not use such screws on your motorbike,because the tensile-strength is not sufficing to the tightening on frame,fork,brake etc. !!!

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Note !!
I used all described tips with success !
Naturally I do not take over responsibility for any problems, which arise by the use of the described hints.
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Preparing the helmet sight and/or the motorcycle eyeglasses for always good sight without spend money for any "anti-fog" fluids or foils , do the following way:

Put on dishes-cleaner thinly with a rag on the inner side of the (cleaned) helmet-sight or the motorcycle eyeglasses.

Best for use is an conventional detergent.
Don`t use a concentrate with "Mega" fat solvent.

After drying , polish with a clean rag.

That`s all for keep good sight during rainy rides.
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